Travel information

Are you planning a trip to Budapest and its agglomeration, and this will be your first visit ever? Do you need up-to-date information about public transport?
Then look for the Customer Service Points of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport at Liszt Ferenc International Airport’s Terminal 2A (daily 8:00-22:00) and Terminal 2B (daily 9:00-21:00). English-speaking attendants will be at your service with useful information on transport and tourism. Almost all types of tickets and passes are available for purchase at the airport including the practical 24- or 72-hour travelcards especially designed for tourists.


HÉV means suburban railway (Helyiérdekű Vasút). Our business has an old history, the first trains departed 130 years before. We operate five suburban railroads.

  • H5: Batthyány tér [BUDAPEST]–Szentendre
  • H6: Közvágóhíd [BUDAPEST]–Ráckeve
  • H7: Boráros tér [BUDAPEST]–Csepel
  • H8: Örs vezér tere [BUDAPEST]–Gödöllő
  • H9: Örs vezér tere [BUDAPEST]–Csömör


More about our tickets and passes:

You can purchase rail tickets at any BKK ticket vending machines and at any BKK Customer Service Center.

E-HÉV-Tickets for H5 are available from Vonatinfó app: check the terms and conditions here.