E-HÉV-Ticket Terms and Conditions


Valid from 1st of May, 2019.


The passenger must have a valid ticket or pass (hereinafter: ticket) at the start of the journey. Some of the tickets can be purchased online (using MÁV application), and must be presented on the display of an electronic device.
The ticket is valid for travelling within the indicated validity period.
The passenger must keep the ticket until the end of journey – until leaving the HÉV station – and must present it to the inspecting officer.


E-HÉV-Tickets (on-line purchased tickets for Budapest suburban railway (train) can be purchased in MÁV app. by a certain identified person for a specific route. The e-HÉV-ticket entitles to travel only the person, whose identification data has been provided at the time of purchase in the online ticket purchase system, the passenger must show or provide the document (e.g. certificate, voucher) proving the eligibility for the discount by request of the railway personnel; proof of identity may also be required. E-HÉV-tickets are not bonded to a specific train, passengers may travel on any available HÉV suburban train but MÁV app. requires to choose a certain train from its menu and the choice determines the start of the validity of the ticket.
It is not possible to buy an e-HÉV-Ticket without applying for an electric receipt as well.


E-HÉV-tickets purchased in Vonatinfo app entitle the holder to travel once on any HÉV carriage on the route specified by the ticket, from the time of validity (the scheduled time of departure of the certain train) until 03:00 AM on the following calendar day. 


E-HÉV-tickets purchased from MÁV application can only be displayed within the application. For ticket inspection, the ticket shall be presented using the application on the screen of the device running the application.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is able to present the ticket at the time of inspection.


Online purchased e-HÉV-tickets cannot be exchanged only refunded. Refund of e-HÉV-tickets can only be claimed online, by no later than 30 minutes before the validity of the ticket begins. 
The request for refund is recorded. The actual refund is processed 7 days after the validity of the ticket to be refunded has expired, and the ticket has not been used for travelling. The refund is credited back to the bank account / payment method used for booking. Administration fee is 10%. The tickets marked for refund request are not valid.


Small (no bigger than hand-luggage-size) pets can be carried free-of-charge in proper (closed) transport box. Pet ticket must be bought for dogs travelling together with the passenger – with the exception of assistance and police dogs. The transportation fee of a dog equals to the full-price HÉV train ticket of the given route, but at maximum it is the price of one BKK single ticket. Pet tickets are not available in Vonatinfó app., they can only be purchased at BKK sales points. Passengers need to be in possession of their dog’s valid vaccination certificate which must be presented to the staff on duty, if requested.


At least up to 4 bikes are allowed in the designated area in the middle car of each train (check the on-board display to see the exact number), only one bike per passenger is allowed. For bicycle transportation an additional, validated BKK single ticket or a bicycle pass is needed. Tickets for bicycle transportation are not available in MÁV app, they can only be purchased at BKK sales points.


A passenger travelling without a ticket, with an invalid or insufficient ticket, or violating the rules of behaviour, must pay penalty specified in the Article VI. 2. of General Terms & Conditions of MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd..


Descriptions and regulations of the discounts available for the passengers can be found in the Tariffs and in the Terms & Conditions of the special discounts of MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd., The BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is obliged to verify the eligibility for the discount, therefore the passenger must show or provide the document (e.g. certificate, voucher) proving the eligibility for the discount by request of the ticket inspector; proof of identity may also be required.
Invoice of discounted ticket can only be issued with the name of the person eligible for the discount, unless otherwise stated in the regulation of the discount. 


Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the services of MÁV-HÉV or BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (from now on BKK) should be forwarded to BKK. Any questions, comments of complaints regarding the MÁV app, the on-line ticket-purchase system or IT problems should be forwarded to MÁV-START Co. or to MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd. in the following ways:

Contact to MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd.:
•    e-mail: mav-hev@mav-hev.hu

Contact to MÁV-START Co.:
•    mailing address: MÁV-START Co., Client Service, P.O Box 56, Budapest, H-1426 Hungary;
•    telephone: +36 (1) 3 49 49 49;
•    telefax: +36 (1) 511 20 93;
•    e-mail: eszrevetel@mav-start.hu;
•    by filling the online form on www.mavcsoport.hu website;
•    personally at the Client service points at selected railway stations.

Contact to BKK:
•    BKK Call Centre +36 1 3 255 255
•    BKK postal address: Postal address: 1241 Budapest, Pf. 200
•    More contact information: https://bkk.hu/en/main-page/contact/ 

Scheduled departure and arrival times indicated in the timetables in MÁV app may be subject to change at times of certain traffic disruptions. In these cases BKK and MÁV-HÉV are not liable for any loss and damage caused by the diversions of the schedule or the cancellation of the train services.

This description is for information purposes only, and applies only to the services of MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd. In case of dispute the full Hungarian text of the General Terms & Conditions and the Tariff Regulations takes precedence. The full Hungarian text of the General Terms & Conditions and the Tariff Regulations can be viewed on the website of MÁV-HÉV Co. Ltd. (www.mav-hev.hu).

The Book of Complaints and the full Hungarian text of the General Terms & Conditions are available at BKK Customer Service Centers for those interested.

Based on Article (1) §79 / A of the Act CLXXXIII. of 2005, compliance with the legal provisions concerning the rights of passengers is controlled by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Deputy Under-Secretariat of Transport Regulatory Affairs, Market Supervision and Passenger Rights Department, Railway Administration (mailing address P.O. Box: 1, Budapest, H-1440 Hungary; e-mail: igazgatasiszerv.vasut@itm.gov.hu), which is competent to act in cases of infringements of passenger rights established in the 1371/2007/EC Regulation of Passenger Rights.

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