HÉV means suburban railway (Helyiérdekű Vasút). Our business has an old history, the first trains departed 135 years ago. We operate five suburban railroads around Budapest:

  • H5: Batthyány tér [BUDAPEST]–Szentendre
  • H6: Közvágóhíd [BUDAPEST]–Ráckeve
  • H7: Boráros tér [BUDAPEST]–Csepel
  • H8: Örs vezér tere [BUDAPEST]–Gödöllő
  • H9: Örs vezér tere [BUDAPEST]–Csömör
Daily number of passengers on suburban railway lines around Budapest

MÁV-HÉV [ma:v heɪv] or in short HÉV [heɪv] became an independent (and integrated) railway company in 2016, previously it was a division of Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation (BKV Zrt.). Our well-know green trains are famously "always on-time", our punctuality figures are well above average, within 5 minutes delay 99,7% of our trains reach the terminus: we are one of the most punctual railways in Europe.

Our vehicles are rather old (average age is above 45 years), but they are also extremely reliable and easy to maintain.