Travel Conditions

Passengers wishing to use public transport services of MÁV-HÉV must be in possession of a valid ticket, pass or any other document certifying the right to travel. Proof of the entitlement to free travel must be presented at all times.


BKK Centre for Budapest Transport revenue protection inspectors are authorised to check passenger entitlement to travel at any time.

On vehicles and in the public areas of stops and stations, it is prohibited:

  • to board or alight from vehicles after the door closing signal (announcement, sound, light);
  • to obstruct the closing of the doors;
  • to lean out of the windows or give, take or throw objects through them;
  • to use roller skates, roller blades, skateboards or bicycle;
  • to operate alarm buttons without a valid reason;
  • to transport objects which means risk of fellow passengers;
  • to smoke;
  • to consume food and beverages;
  • to litter;
  • to post signs and notices without approval;
  • to disturb transport and fellow passengers;
  • to damage objects and equipment in any way.

Violators are subject to a HUF 25 000 fine and will be excluded from travel. Fine paid on the spot is HUF 12 000.

For more information about penalty fares, please check BKK’s website:



Transportation of luggage and objects

Each passenger is entitled to carry either of the following items free of charge: up to two pieces of hand luggage of a size up to 40 × 50 × 80 cm or 20 × 20 × 200 cm; or one hand luggage and one sled, one pair of skis, one bundle of wrapped tree-saplings (up to 40 × 40 × 200 cm), one pram/baby carriage, one wheel-chair, one small bicycle, one foldable bicycle, one monocycle (up to 70 × 120 × 140 cm). The wheel-chair and other helping appliances of the disabled passengers is free of charge and have no size limits.

Transportation of one object exceeding the size limits above but not exceeding 100 × 100 × 200 cm is allowed on the marked spots of the cars and is conditional upon payment. Hand luggages fitting all conditions above but exceeding 30 kg are not allowed to carry. Bicycles may be carried only on designated cars, in the area marked with pictograms (up to 4 per car), subject to a special fare. Transportation of bicycles on replacement buses is possible only in this option has been announced in advance.

Transportation of live animals

The transportation of live animals in a container not exceeding the allowed hand-luggage size is free of charge. The transportation of dogs requires fare payment; the dog must be clean, muzzled and on a leash. Only one dog per passenger is permitted. The transportation of guide dogs for the blind, helper- and police dogs is free of charge.

Lost and Found

Please contact BKK Customer Service Offices by calling +36 1 3 255 255 (press 1 then 6).