Getting to the Hungaroring by public transport

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix takes place on 31 July 2022 (Sunday) at the Hungaroring circuit in Mogyoród. The events start with the practice sessions on Friday, please find the detailed agenda on the Hungaroring website.
However the cars play the main role on the Hungaroring, we recommend using public transport to get to the circuit. During the events, trains on suburban railway line H8 operate with increased capacity, run more frequently, every 10-15 minutes and they can carry hundreds of passengers at once. Between Kerepes suburban railway station and the gate 3 of the Hungaroring, a free shuttle-bus service is available for the visitors (operated by Volánbusz). But the circuit is also accessible on foot from Szilasliget suburban railway stop, by a healthy walk.

How to get to the Hungaroring?

The Hungaroring (Formula 1 circuit) is accessible from Örs vezér tere terminus, by suburban railway (HÉV) trains, line H8, running to Kerepes, Mogyoród or Gödöllő. Please check the headsign before getting on the train, as the circuit cannot be reached by trains running on line H8 to Cinkota nor those running on line H9 to Csömör.

Please note, that unlike other railway lines, suburban railway line H8 has left-hand traffic. Please check the information boards on the platforms to make sure that you are waiting on the right platform. Before crossing the tracks, please take extra care and look both ways, as trains may run on both tracks in both directions!

From Kerepes station, a direct shuttle bus service departs to the gate 3 of the circuit. This service is the most comfortable option on the way back too, to reach the suburban railway line.

From Kerepes to the Hungaroring, the buses depart adjusted to the train arrivals, already from 7:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The buses depart every 15 minutes the last departure is at 13:50 on Friday, at 15:50 on Saturday, at 14:50 on Sunday. The boarding point is near the suburban railway station (the stop of local buses and night service 992).

From the Hungaroring, gate 3 to Kerepes, the buses depart every 15 minutes between 16:00 and 20:30 on Friday, between 16:00 and 20:00 on Saturday, and between 16:45 and 19:00 on Sunday. From Kerepes station, suburban railway trains depart frequently to Budapest.

The shuttle buses are free of charge for visitors holding a ticket for the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix events. More information about the shuttle bus service is available on the website of Volánbusz (in Hungarian language).
Gates 3, 4, 5 and 6 are accessible on foot as well from Szilasliget stop (ca. 30-minute walk).

Where can I find the timetable of the suburban railway?

Timetables can be found on the BKK’s website: If you already know the exact time when you would like to travel, or you would like to know, when the next connection departs, you can easily plan your journey by the BudapestGO trip planner (

What kinds of tickets are valid for the suburban railway?

Please note that to travel between Budapest and Kerepes or Szilasliget, generally two separate tickets are needed: one for the Budapest section, and another for the section outside the boundaries of Budapest.

For the Budapest section, most of those tickets, travelcards and passes are valid, that can be used for Budapest public transport. If you already have a valid travelcard or pass, for example a 24-hour Budapest-travelcard, you need to buy an extension suburban railway ticket only.

Tickets, travelcards and passes valid within Budapest on the suburban railway lines (only the main types are listed)

The travelcards and passes marked with an * can be purchased online, as mobile ticket:

For the section outside of Budapest, an extension suburban railway ticket has to be purchased, which is valid for one journey. The day and destination of the journey has to be set while purchasing the ticket.

For suburban railway trains, tickets have to be purchased in advance, before boarding the train. Tickets might be checked by the inspectors at the entrance of the stations or on board the trains as well.

Please remember to validate your ticket!

Budapest single tickets (including those from a block of 10 tickets) and transfer tickets must be validated while boarding the vehicle. Validators are located next to the doors, at the ends of the carriages.

Budapest single tickets and time-based tickets (30 or 90-minute) purchased as a mobile ticket must be validated too. To validate a ticket, open it in the app and choose the proper function ("Scan", "Boarding" or similar) to scan the code located next to the doors of the vehicle. To make boarding as fast as possible, please be prepared to scan the code immediately, when the train arrives. Please note, that validation must be done before entering the vehicle.

The travel cards, passes, and extension suburban railway tickets do not need to be validated, even if they are purchased as mobile tickets.

Where to buy tickets for the public transport?

Tickets are available mainly at the sales points of BKK. BKK ticket vending machines can be found almost everywhere in Budapest and they offer all kinds of needed tickets, that can also be purchased for later days, in advance. Additionally, a number of further ticket sales points are available. Sales points can easily be found on the map:

Please note, that BKK ticket vending machines are purple, not to be confused by the blue-yellow MÁV-START railway ticket vending machines, offering only a limited sortiment of Budapest travelcards and passes.

At Kerepes station, BKK is opening a temporary ticket sales point for the days of the event, where all kinds of tickets are available.

At ticket vending machines, customer service centres and ticket offices, bank card payments are accepted – this is not just quick and comfortable, but hygienic and safe as well. Some kinds of tickets can be purchased online, via mobile applications.

If you need only an extension suburban railway ticket, the MÁV mobile application (download here for Android, for iOS, for HMS) might be a practical solution. Via this app, you can easily purchase the extension ticket for your existing ticket or travelcard for Budapest (this can be paper based or electronic as well). Bank card payments are accepted in the app, the tickets are delivered in an electronic format (within the application, and via e-mail, in pdf format as well).

How to buy an extension suburban railway ticket at the BKK ticket vending machines?

For a journey between Budapest and Kerepes or Szilasliget, a 10 km extension suburban railway ticket is required. The full fare ticket for a single journey costs 250 HUF.

On the ticket vending machines at Örs vezér tere and Gödöllő, the necessary tickets for a return journey, so 2 pieces of single ticket (only at the machines at Örs vezér tere) and suburban railway extension tickets can easily be placed to the basket by using the "Public transportation tickets to F1" button on the main screen of the machine.

At the BKK ticket vending machines, extension suburban railway tickets can be purchased easily, following the steps below:

  • Make sure that the basket is empty (check the number in the right top corner of the screen). If someone else left an unfinished transaction, empty the basket and start a new purchase.
  • On the main screen, choose the Other tickets and passes (suburban railway), then the Suburban railway extension tickets option.
  • Select the line H8.
  • If you are entitled for a travel discount, you can set it in the following step, otherwise select the full fare. (Please find more information about the discounts valid on the suburban railway lines, outside the boundaries of Budapest here.)
  • Select the station of departure and the destination. If you depart from Budapest, Ilonatelep has to be selected as departure station. (Similarly, in case of journeys from Kerepes or Szilasliget to Budapest, Ilonatelep has to be selected as destination.)
  • Select the date of the journey (tickets can also be purchased for later days)
  • If you want, you can add further tickets (for example for your return journey) to the basket. After checking the content of the basket, you can pay by cash or bankcard.

How to buy an extension suburban railway ticket via MÁV mobile application?

Via the MÁV mobile application, besides the tickets for MÁV-START trains, tickets for the MÁV-HÉV suburban railway trains can also be purchased, only for the sections outside of Budapest.

In the app, payments are available by bankcard and you get the ticket in electronic format (within the app, and also in pdf format, by e-mail).

Steps of ticket purchase:

  • If you travel from or to Budapest and you already have a valid ticket, travelcard or pass for the Budapest section, set your age in the Passengers and discounts section and set the „BKK vonal-, gyűjtő- vagy átszállójegy” (single or transfer BKK tickets), „Budapest Pass / Budapest One Day Ticket” or the „Budapest Card (all types)” as your discount. In case of 24-, 72-hour, seven-day or 5/30 Budapest-travelcards, please select the "Budapest Pass / Budapest One Day Ticket" option.
    If you’re also entitled to a regional travel discount, select your further discounts accordingly. (Please find more information about the discounts valid on the suburban railway lines, outside the boundaries of Budapest here.)
  • To buy additional tickets for your relatives or friends you will travel together with, you just need to increase the number of passengers in the Passengers and discounts section.
  • Select the departure station and your destination (eg. Örs vezér tere H – Kerepes H) and the date of your journey. The H letter after the station names stands for suburban railway (HÉV) stations.
  • After clicking on Search, please choose the proper departure. The validity of the ticket will start at the departure time of the selected train, but you can take another train as well, departing later on the same day (for example in case you miss the selected one).
  • Set the name and birth date of the passenger(s). (The ticket can be used only by the person, whose data is given here.)
  • After checking the details of your ticket, you can pay by bankcard.
  • You will find your ticket(s) in the My tickets section. The ticket is also sent in pdf format, by e-mail. An active internet connection is needed only for purchasing tickets. Once a ticket is downloaded, it can be shown in offline mode as well.

Please find more information about MÁV mobile application here.