COVID 19 Coronavirus Rules

Most official documents expiring between 12 March and 3 July 2020, including the travel concessions, will remain valid until 15 December.

All cards entitling to benefits but expiring on 31 March may be used until 15 December to benefit from the benefits. Furthermore, a student card valid for the academic year 2019-20. or one of its semesters may be used uniformly until 15 December 2020.

All other entitlement documents expiring between 12 March and 3 July will remain valid, also until 15 December. Exceptions are documents proving refugee status (residence permit, residence permit, immigration permit), which were valid until 2 August.

Please note that it is mandatory to wear a mask to cover the mouth and nose on our vehiclesand stops. Travelers without a mask can be excluded from the trip. Violators of the rule may be subject to a penalty fee.